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Our last night in Amsterdam…..sigh 8/29/22
Amsterdam, the Venice of the North 8/29/22
We leave Germany behind, on to the Netherlands! 8/29/22
Cologne or Colonia since it was founded by the Romans 8/29/22
A few more castles then on to Koblenz 8/29/22
We made it to Amsterdam! 8/28/22
Floating by castles 8/26/22
Castles, Churches and Fortresses …… rinse repeat.. a lot 8/26/22
Ships and trains but thankfully no busses! 8/24/22
We visit a spicy town 8/24/22
A few observations…. 8/23/22
All ashore for the bus trip to Bamberg 8/23/22
Nuremberg - literally Castle on a Rock 8/22/22
To bus or not to bus, that is the question 8/21/22
It rained! 8/20/22
Hello Germany and the three river town of Passau 8/19/22
Passau, Germany 8/19/22
Just cruising along 8/19/22
Please pass the Melk and a view of the Wachau Valley 8/19/22
A few more thoughts on Vienna…. 8/18/22
May I suggest a waltz? 8/18/22
Oh the music! 8/17/22
If it’s Tuesday it must be Vienna 8/16/22
I wanted to love Budapest…. 8/16/22
Buda, Pest or Budapest 8/16/22
Where is Slovakia? 8/14/22
Komarom or just up river from Budapest 8/14/22
We’re Off to Hungary! 8/13/22
Third day in Prague 8/13/22
Second day in Prague 8/13/22
Lots of churches 8/11/22
First Day in Prague 8/11/22
We’re off! 8/10/22
We're floating through Europe! 8/8/22