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We made it to Amsterdam!

Russ has gotten behind in his blogging so I am going to catch you up on where we are. We made it to Amsterdam this morning. We are very thankful as when we started this trip the water level in the Rhine River was so low Viking was making contingency plans to bus us to change ships the last half of our trip. That would have been a logistical nightmare!
Before we got here we spent a day in Cologne Germany. Cologne was first formed in 50 AD as a Roman colony so it is OLD. I wish we had more time there. The cathedral was really beautiful. We spent that afternoon visiting a few palaces. Yesterday we were in Kinderdjiik, the Netherlands visiting some old wind mills; not my favorite thing but Russ loved it. The tour guide was a mechanical engineer so you can imagine how that convo went. I found the gift ship while I waited. This afternoon we visited the Ann Frank House and Museum in Amsterdam. Tomorrow we will see a couple of art museums and Tuesday we will travel home.

Farewell Europe!

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Floating by castles

We made it to the Rhine! And that means our trip will soon be winding down. It was a glorious morning, sunny with a nice breeze. The morning activity was scenic sailing. We sat on the top sun deck watching the beautiful scenery and so many castles. At noon we could hear church bells ringing as we passed by. The most interesting church we saw and heard about is one that is attached to a pub. Churchgoers had to go through the pub to get to the church as the church building was attached to the back of the pub. And the vicar of the church owned the pub. 😀. You can’t make this stuff up.

today we will be in Cologne. That means more churches and palaces!

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A few observations….

We have visited a LOT of churches so far. Many of them are over the top beautiful, and some just garish. At every church I have stopped for just a moment for a quick prayer.

The Toilet Tax….public restrooms are not free in Europe. It costs anywhere from .50 to 1 euro. It seems ridiculous but those bathrooms are very clean and meet my required standard. The one I visited in Bamberg had fresh flowers and 3 different choices of soap and hand lotion.

The Austrians and Germans have been very open about their part in the Jewish holocaust and are not afraid to talk about it. That has been refreshing to me. My experience in the us, especially in the south, is that the us role in slavery is whitewashed or downplayed.

Only 7 days left….it seems like we just got here!

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It rained!

There were torrential rains north of us last night which raised the river level by a meter. That is enough for us to keep moving on the water. It is a gray and rainy day here so we will be enjoying a day of sailing, reading relaxing. We have been on the go quite a bit so a restful day is in order. It’s not known yet how other river points between here and Amsterdam are…we will get new information each day. Still having fun!

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Passau, Germany


We enjoyed a good day today day at the st Stephens cathedral and at St. Paul’s church in Passau. Germany. We walked around the medieval town of Passau and enjoyed It very much. Tomorrow we have a change of plans. We can go to Regensberg, Germany as planned which is now a 2 hour bus ride away or we we can visit Passau again. So we we decided to stay in Passau again. I am so over long bus rides! The low water levels are making it impossible to go any further on the river from here. On Sunday we will be bussed 170 miles to Nirumberg to board a different boat to hopefully take us the rest of the way to Amsterdam. Please pray for rain this region. They are really suffering.

I met some new friends today…some Chinese ladies who are going to teach me some new card game they are playing some time this week. This upcoming week may not go the way as planned but it will be good regardless. Man plans and god laughs . We are enjoying every moment! My best time today was that i woke up too early and at outside the balcony of our room as we cruised the danube At 6 am I heard church bells from shore; what a moment !

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